Do you want to contribute to the project?

There are many ways you can involve yourself in the project. It's a lot of fun, too.

The easiest way is to report a bug. Just open the AngularFaces GitHub bugtracker in your browser and report your problem. Or your question. Or your suggestion how to make the project better. I appreciate your feedback!

If you're more ambitious, you are welcome to contribute examples or to improve the tutorial and manual pages. They, too, are in the GitHub repository (in the subfolder The easiest way to do so is to fork the GitHub repository and submit a pull request.

And of course you can write components, bug fixes or other improvements yourself (also by means of a pull request).

In any case it may be a good idea to contact me so I can make sure your ideas match my strategy. You can contact me by opening a GitHub ticket, by leaving a comment on my blog or by sending a message on Twitter to @beyondjava.